without breaking the bank

Let's see what do you need. And how to take care of it.

Serving the Greater Houston area since 2009


One IT consultant walking along a computer center, with a laptop in his hand

Our Experience

Since 2009 we have helped small and very small business to deal with the seemingly daunting task of setting up their computers, email, IT security and any other additional services that might help them with their trade.

At the beginning, it was a matter of just helping someone in need, as a side job, but then along the way we realized that there are many very small businesses in the very same situation. They realize they need help with their information, but not sure how to deal with it.

By far, most of the businesses we have work with are related to the construction industry.

Two persons discussing about business

How Do We Work

Most of the time a new or growing small business know that they "need a computer" or "need systems" but really have no idea where to start. This happens all too often.

This is where we come. We do not arrive trying to sell "packages" or subscriptions or pre-made solutions. We simply sit with the prospective customer, listen what their business is about, what they do and where do they think they need help.

After all is clear, then we can explain the advantages of IT solutions, the money time they may save and how can it help them grow their business.

That is how we work.

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Why Us?

We are a very small company, and are focused on helping very small businesses. We know that budget is king, and we know that customers do not have time to "deal with all the computer stuff".

We do not speak "technical" to our customers. Because our customers do not, or should not, care about technical details. They care about how to reach their goals. So we do not speak "technical" we just talk one person to another, one on one.

We know how to help - on your own terms - without breaking the bank.