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Electronic Communications

Company Email


One of the tell tale signs of an established business is in fact their email addresses.  Generic free email addresses (like, does not reflect as well as a company-specific email address (

There are also other types of drawbacks to using free email accounts. We can explain those and why it could be in your best interest to have your own solution.



We are not a web site design company, and we do not posess the skills of a competent web site designer. 

What we know is how to affordably set up a website and how to find either generic but professional looking website templates or professional yet affordable designers, in case there is need of a more customized website.

The important part is that we know how to take you there.



In the same fashion that generic email accounts are used for exchanging messages, very small businesses commonly use free online storage services (,, SuperDrive etc); even opening more than one account in order to go past the free account limits. This happens all the time.

We understand the importance of online file storage. We can explain you why it is important and how it can help your company. Also, we can explain why it may be a good idea to use your own cloud storage solution instead of relying on free services, and help you find affordable solutions based on your needs.